(1) The deep darkness of personal distress.(2) The overwhelming hope of covenantal love.
(1) The transience of human life.(2) The eternality of divine favor.
(1) Praying for the restoration of peace.(2) Trusting in the certain hope for future peace.
(1) The incongruity of past mercy and present despair.(2) The constant hope of future joy.
(1) The structure of covenantal instruction.(2) The content of covenantal instruction.
(1) The Devastating Destruction of Sacred Signs.(2) Remembering the Covenant Faithfulness of God.
(1) The deep despair of injustice.(2) The glorious goodness of God.
(1) Facing setbacks. (2) Fleeing to the banner.
(1) Recalling God's faithfulness in ages past.(2) Our hope for years to come.
(1) The darkness of distress. (2) Living in the light of God’s grace.
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