(1) The certainty of Zion’s glorious future.(2) The call of Zion to proclaim the glory of God.
(1) The disastrous error of intermittent repentance.(2) the desperate need for a true deliverer.
(1) The danger of unbiblical leadership.(2) The prevailing of God’s truth.
1. Abram’s Call (Genesis 12) 2. Abraham’s Call Fulfilled, Reaffirmed & Focused in the unfolding of God’s Great Plan: “In you shall all nations be blessed,” Galatians 3:8 3. Our…
(1) God's wisdom in reducing resources.(2) The assuring comfort of God's grace.
(1) God calls His people to true repentance.(2) God sends His messenger to deliver His people from their sin.

(1) The certainty of God’s faithfulness.(2) The uncertainty of man’s faithfulness.(3) The assurance of things to come.
(1) God uses a variety of people to accomplish His purposes.(2) God delivers His people through a prophet, priest, and king.
(1) God’s tests always serve a purpose.(2) God delivers His people through unexpected means.
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