(1) The proper role and function of the church.(2) The truth that the church proclaims.
(1) The humility of Christ.(2) The exaltation of Christ.
(1) The preeminence of Christ in creation.(2) The preeminence of Christ in redemption.
(1) The where and why of worship.(2) The who and how of worship.
(1) The call to be a joyous assembly.(2) The hope of being a victorious assembly.
(1) A summons for all creation to praise God.(2) A summons for all people to praise God.
(1) The comfort of God’s providential care.(2) The hope of God’s providential provision.

Letters of Love

October 25, 2020
(1) A call to liberty and not license.(2) The centrality of the law of love.
(1) Praising God and not people.(2) Trusting in the only source of true blessing.
(1) The object of proper praise.(2) The scope of proper praise.