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Double Vision

February 20, 2022
(1) The problem of moral relativism.(2) The need for a true and faithful king.
(1) The problem of partial piety.(2) The need for a proper priest.
(1) The Bottom Line for Pontius Pilate and Roman Authorities(2) The Bottom Line for the Jewish Authorities and Judaism(3) The Bottom Line for our Sovereign God
(1) The disappointing distress of ungodly desire.(2) The prevailing purpose of God.
(1) The persistent presence of sin.(2) God’s gracious provision of a deliverer.
(1) The danger of undiscerning words.(2) The disaster of self-seeking dissent.
(1) The Nature of the Servant's Mission.(2) The Object of the Servant's Mission.
(1) The object of God’s delight.(2) The scope of God’s delight.
(1) Seeking the Lord’s coming.(2) Trusting in the coming Lord.
(1) The certainty of Zion’s glorious future.(2) The call of Zion to proclaim the glory of God.