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(1) Identifying the source of true shelter.(2) Understanding the extent of the shelter that God provides.
(1) The vanity of man-centered endeavors.(2) God’s blessing of family.
(1) Asking God to deliver.(2) Waiting for God to deliver.
(1) The heart of injustice.(2) The hope of true Biblical justice.
(1) A positive pleading for God’s protection.(2) A persevering proclamation of praise.
(1) The persistence of fleshly fear.(2) The perseverance of well-founded faith.
(1) The confidence of a right relationship with God.(2) The joy of a right hope in the resurrection.
(1) Praying in faith.(2) Prayer that is good for the soul.
(1) A persistent plea for patience.(2) Powerful portraits of perseverance.
(1) The temporal nature of earthly riches.(2) The eternal consequences of trusting in earthly treasure.
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