(1) The comfort of God’s providential care.(2) The hope of God’s providential provision.

Letters of Love

October 25, 2020
(1) A call to liberty and not license.(2) The centrality of the law of love.
(1) Praising God and not people.(2) Trusting in the only source of true blessing.
(1) The object of proper praise.(2) The scope of proper praise.
(1) Acknowledging the true problem.(2) Identifying the proper solution.
(1) Recognizing our unrighteousness.(2) Remembering God’s faithfulness.
(1) The desperation of loneliness.(2) The comfort of God’s presence.
(1) The depth of the knowledge of God.(2) The joy of knowing God.
(1) The sweetness of unity.(2) The basis for Biblical unity.
(1) Common barriers to Biblical contentment.(2) The key to true contentment.