(1) The danger of judging outwardly.(2) The necessity of fulfilling the royal law.

Pure Religion

January 24, 2021
(1) Hearing the truth.(2) Doing the truth.
(1) Trusting God as the source of every good and perfect gift.(2) Recognizing the true nature of temptation.
(1) A letter written to a dispersed family.(2) A letter written to a family that endures trial.
(1) The proper role and function of the church.(2) The truth that the church proclaims.
(1) The humility of Christ.(2) The exaltation of Christ.
(1) The preeminence of Christ in creation.(2) The preeminence of Christ in redemption.
(1) The where and why of worship.(2) The who and how of worship.
(1) The call to be a joyous assembly.(2) The hope of being a victorious assembly.
(1) A summons for all creation to praise God.(2) A summons for all people to praise God.