(1) Acknowledging the true problem.(2) Identifying the proper solution.
(1) Recognizing our unrighteousness.(2) Remembering God’s faithfulness.
(1) The desperation of loneliness.(2) The comfort of God’s presence.
(1) The depth of the knowledge of God.(2) The joy of knowing God.
(1) The sweetness of unity.(2) The basis for Biblical unity.
(1) Common barriers to Biblical contentment.(2) The key to true contentment.

Days of Joy

August 16, 2020
(1) Remembering past joy.(2) Living in present joy.(3) Longing for future joy.
(1) The need for mercy.(2) Looking to the One who has mercy.
(1) The danger of deceit.(2) The promise of peace.
(1) The call to purity.(2) The way to purity.