(1) The heart of injustice.(2) The hope of true Biblical justice.
(1) A positive pleading for God’s protection.(2) A persevering proclamation of praise.
(1) The persistence of fleshly fear.(2) The perseverance of well-founded faith.
(1) The confidence of a right relationship with God.(2) The joy of a right hope in the resurrection.
(1) Praying in faith.(2) Prayer that is good for the soul.
(1) A persistent plea for patience.(2) Powerful portraits of perseverance.
(1) The temporal nature of earthly riches.(2) The eternal consequences of trusting in earthly treasure.
(1) The judgement of pride.(2) The presumption of pride.
(1) The diagnosis of our deadly disorder.(2) The redemptive remedy to our trouble.

Pure Wisdom

February 21, 2021
(1) The illusion of earthly wisdom.(2) The immeasurable worth of heavenly wisdom.