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(1) God calls His people to true repentance.(2) God sends His messenger to deliver His people from their sin.

(1) The certainty of God’s faithfulness.(2) The uncertainty of man’s faithfulness.(3) The assurance of things to come.
(1) God uses a variety of people to accomplish His purposes.(2) God delivers His people through a prophet, priest, and king.
(1) God’s tests always serve a purpose.(2) God delivers His people through unexpected means.
(1) God's faithfulness has consequences.(2) God's faithfulness always overcomes the faithlessness of his own through the Faithful One.
(1) Partial commitment is not real commitment at all.(2) What people need most is not role models and heroes, but a Redeemer.

Persistent Prayer

August 29, 2021
1) Persistent prayer has an acute awareness of life's difficult obstacles.2) Persistent prayer is the privilege of the elect.3) Persistent prayer comes from normal, run-of-the-mill faith.

Walk This Way

August 22, 2021
(1) Is God's Word true or not?(2) What are you going to do about it?
(1) Thanking God for what He has done.(2) Thanking God for what He will do.