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(1) The call to praise the Lord.(2) The many reasons we have to praise the Lord.
(1) The calling of God’s servants to worship the Lord.(2) The sending of God’s servant to serve the Lord.
(1) The passion of God’s servant for proper worship.(2) The passion of God for His people.
(1) In whatever it is that the Lord is calling you to do in the here and now, the Lord is with you in it.(2) What you are called up…
(1) God’s preservation of His people.(2) God’s victory over the opposition.
(1) The fruitful promise of God’s blessing.(2) The expansive horizon of God’s blessing.
(1) The despairing depths of depravity.(2) The freeing effect of forgiveness.
(1) Recognizing the provisional presence of evil.(2) Praying for the provision of God’s peace.
(1) The deadly danger of destructive enemies.(2) The persevering presence of God with His people.
(1) The gladness of going to God’s house.(2) The peace that only God provides.
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